ASUS ROG VII Hero NVME RAID (AMD RAID) Not Recognized in Linux Kernel

Last night I finally finalized my PC build using an Asus ROG VII.
I set up the NVME RAID with 2 Samsung EVO 500 GB M.2s and have a 3rd 500 GB SATA SSD for the /home directory.

When I attempt to setup using Arch, I noticed the nvme0n1 and nvme1n1 drives were showing separately in fdisk. I couldn’t get the raid drives to partition without breaking the array first.

I then tried an antergos install and the same thing happened when using gparted.

After this, I decided to try arcoslinux and again the same issue occured.

After some digging, it appears the driver for AMD RAID isn’t in the linux kernel.

Has anyone gotten this to work in linux? Is the AMD RAID really just software raid in the BIOS? I noticed the drives seem to lose about a MB of data in the sectors after setting the RAID which seems a whole lot like using software raid in linux.

If anyone has any tips before I give up and just go the regular route, I’d appreciate it.

Afaik it’s a Fake RAID setup. aka Software Raid.
They haven’t manufactured a true NVMe hardware RAID controller—one that completely abstracts the individual drives in the array and presents a single NVMe device to the host. Hence why you need the drivers + raid Xpert software even on windows.

I recommend just seting up a standard md raid device in linux.
You’ll get the same performance anyway.


Thanks for the confirmation catsay, I was afraid this was the case.
Well, guess I’ll just have to deal with standard NVME drive speed. . . oh the horror!

You can get increased nvme throughput + iops with an MD raid array in Linux.

Maybe I wasn’t quite clear what I meant with “same speed” - as in same speed as a raid array setup with the windows drivers + raid xpert software.

That said I don’t ever recommend raid-0 unless its a special use case where you really just need brutal IOPS.

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The plan was RAID 1, and the reason I wanted it was both for redundancy and the double throughput for reads. I am a little leary of doing software RAID in linux simply because I’m not used to some of the new stuff with EFI etc yet and I don’t feel comfortable that a kernel update won’t blast my whole partition sometime.

I think I’ll just use one NVME for /home and the other for the OS partition. I can just backup home using my external daily and it should be good enough.

I do appreciate your taking the time to reply with suggestions though!