Asus ROG Strix B650E-E Gaming Wi-Fi ECC and Intel I225-V LAN


I bought a Asus ROG Strix B650E-E Gaming Wi-Fi with a 9750x some time ago to use for a VMware home server.

I had 2 issues under ESXi 8.

ECC didn’t work at fist, but it seems like with the latest bios update ECC is working. I’m running ESXi 8 so i can’t do deeper testing than smbiosDump i’m aware of.
I had to set ECC to ON in the bios, as Auto (where it states it defaults to ON) did not activate the ECC.


Physical Memory Array (Type 16): #17
Use: 0x03 (System memory)
Location: 0x03 (Motherboard)
Slots: 4
Max. Size: 128 GB
ECC: 0x03 (None)
Error Info: #16


Physical Memory Array (Type 16): #17
Use: 0x03 (System memory)
Location: 0x03 (Motherboard)
Slots: 4
Max. Size: 128 GB
ECC: 0x06 (Multi-bit)
Error Info: #16

Memory Device (Type 17): #22
Location: “DIMM 1”
Bank: “P0 CHANNEL A”
Manufacturer: “Kingston”
Serial: “2FXX”
Part Number: “9965794-016.A00G”
Memory Array: #17
Error Info: #21
Form Factor: 0x09 (DIMM)
Type: 0x22 (DDR5)
Type Detail: 0x4080 (Synchronous, Unregistered)
Data Width: 64 bits (+8 ECC bits)
Size: 32 GB
Max. Speed: 4800 MT/s
Rank: 2
Configured Speed: 4800 MT/s
Min. Voltage: 1100 mV
Max. Voltage: 1100 mV
Configured Voltage: 1100 mV
Technology: 0x03 (DRAM)
Mode Capability: 0x0008 (Volatile)
Firmware Version: “Unknown”
Module Manufacturer ID: 0x9801
Volatile Size: 34359738368 bytes

The Intel I225-V LAN disconnects ever 24 hours or so. I tried 3 different cables and 3 different switches (1Gbit) from different vendors, forcing 1gb speed, and still random dropped connections.

Hope this helps anyone thinking about a AM5 home server.

use one of the above to create a log of your vlan
then its a case of digging :frowning:

as for the ram. yep its been a bit hit and miss especially at 4800
you could try downclocking it to 3600 and tightening your timings a lot.
or you can play with the tertiary timings and see if you can reduce your error rate.

also running ecc on ryzen,

Ryzen has no official ECC support, but will utilize ECC RAM, if available

Motherboard manufacturers must support ECC operation mode

The chipset is irrelevant

There is no firmware error reporting, hence no official way to verify if an ECC configuration works or not

the last one… :frowning:
in reality your better off turning ecc support off. there’s no way to know if its working or hindering your ram stability.

As to ECC and Ryzen, it’s up to the motherboard manufacturers to support it, and in the case of this motherboard, ECC support is claimed. (They call out ECC support, and mention as distinct from the on-die ECC that is built into DDR5).

@hhh23 thanks for the info, I bought this based on the claimed support as soon as it was released, but at the time they said that it was coming in a BIOS update, but that the RAM I had was not on the QVL (I have two 16GB sticks, and they only have 32GB sticks on the QVL, even though it’s otherwise the same brand and chip, mine is 1Rx8, while the 32GB stick is 2Rx8). Setting ECC to “ON” instead of “Auto” got this working in TrueNAS.

As you use the board for VMware server, get a proper SR-IOV supported network card. Better compatibility, better performance.
A used 10Gb nic x540-t2 costs only around $60.