ASUS ROG STRIX B450-I GAMING AM4 working with Linux?

Will this motherboard work with Linux Mint. I know Asus doesn’t have drivers for it. Anyone have Linux installed on this?

I’ve been running linux fine with the ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F, not sure of the difference between -f and -i but its been running fine.

Just use a live install and give it a try, and if thats fine, dual boot for a bit if thats an option.

-F = ATX
-I = ITX

Anyways, yes, just use a live USB and try it out. If it works with the USB it’ll work with an actual install.

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I have this board in hand but no processor or RAM or GPU to pair with it, so I can’t really tell you until I get that system up and running.

Should work fine basically.
Most controllers used on the board like intel nic, alc audio chip usb controllers etc,
are used on manny more boards its kinda standardized.
So it shouldnt really be an issue in that regards.

Some specific things like software temp sensor readouts in the OS might be a thing.
that doesnt work with every board and every linux distro.
But i personally dont really see that as a huge deal.

Hey! I know this post is old, but I have a problem with that mobo (B450-i) in linux and I hope somebody replies. My mic is making awful noises. I tried diffrent distros and I tried to lower mic boost in alsa. Sorry for bad English.

I don’t know if this will help you - as I have a B450 -f board. but i had similar problems with both the front mic and back mic creating white noise.

Firstly, windows 10 drivers change the settings of the drivers (not sure if it is only realtek one or also default microsoft). So I had to poweroff my machine fully in order to set them to default.

Then later on I started getting white noise again. This time it turned out that a line from another mic port (which didn’t have a mic in) was causing the problem. So I muted it and it solved the problem.

If you still have a faulty board perhaps its faulty?