ASUS ROG Motherboards

How awesome is the motherboard temp software for the ROG motherboards? Is it anything like what the Sabertooth comes with, or is it at least on par with that stuff?

It's pretty good. Monitors everything properly and seems to have a fairly-high polling rate. It's also not horrible bloatware. The interface itself leaves a bit to be desired, but overall I really like it.

Speaking from my usage of the software on a Rampage IV Gene.

Do you need anything special for it, or can you just install the board and use it?

Just install the board and devices and boot up. Download the latest version of the software from the ASUS support site and install it. It'l want to reboot, DO SO BEFORE RUNNING. The software will run fine if you don't reboot...up until you go looking at fan profiles and other settings, then you'll get a bluescreen and have to reboot anyway.

Well cool!