Asus ROG laptops bluescreening on Windows 10

I updated my new ROG laptop to W10 recently, after that point it started to bluescreen after 20+ minutes of running on batterypower. It would happen especially often when running programs that utilized the graphics card (Like the Adobe suite running QUDA). It might be bad RAM (I upgraded from 8 GB to 10 GB), but I doubt it, considering the correlation with battery power and the error saying DRIVER_POWER_STATE_ FAILURE. Advice? inb4 yes I've reinstalled drivers

it's windows saying it doesn't have enough support yet driver wise. keep it pluged in and you should be fine, i get random BSD on different codes for next to no reason. other than that windows 10 can suck it.

Damn. I've so far seen no upside to upgrading to W10. So far W10 only looks like it's W8, but Microsoft realizing that they fucked up and just moving it slightly more back to W7. Yup, W10 can suck it.

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