Asus ROG Hero VII RAM Speed - Don't be a dummy like me

Hey folks, so I put together my PC last night and was noticing strange problems with the timings.
I am using two 16 GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB sticks rated for 3200 for a total of 32 GB .
To my consternation, I kept only being able to keep a stable clock at 2133.

After much tinkering around in the BIOS and looking at timings online etc, I decided to do a sanity check.

I pulled the RAM, and low and behold, I had placed the sticks in the NON primary slots. I had misread the labels on the board!

I swapped the sticks around and was immediately able to get a nice stable 3200 running.

I wanted to post this info in case anyone else might be having timing issues and just never thought to check this. I really think the labels on this board should be a bit more obvious, but that’s just like my opinion man.