Asus rampage V extreme- air coolers that work with it

I was interested in the NH-D15 but it says on there site it didn't work on it.
any others you know of or is it that it works and they just don't have it listed on there site?

Is this not the motherboard you're looking for?

I don't have any recommendations for a different X99 mobo off the top of my head, but you could still use the NH-D15 on that board. It'd just, as stated in the imagee above, cover a PCI-E slot.

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thank you.
I am even looking at the site an can't find it.
our you sure it the NH-d15 no the new nh-d15s model.

Yeah, I'm sure. It's here.
If you're on chrome, use ctrl+f and just type in "Rampage Extreme", should take you to it.

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no I am on internet explore in windows seven.
thank you very much those, so all I have to do is more the graphics card down once.

According to the noctua site, yes. It's up to you whether you want to sacrifice a PCI-E slot though.

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I bought the Asus x99-S board, which although fully compatible on that list with the DH-15, means the heatsink actually touches the GPU. I've moved the GPU down a space and it seems fine at the moment.