Sorry if there has already been a post about this, I can't see a search button anywhere.


Has anyone bought one of these and had good results?

I currently have a Z87 Pro Mobo, using built-in SATA and a range of SSD and fast HDD.


Currently looking to upgrade to a 250gb Samsung 840Pro.


Will the RaidR be significantly faster for graphics workstation type tasks?

It seems the SSD limitation is currently SATA related, so even RAID SATA won't be as fast as PCI-E SSD?


Any advice would be much appreciated on this. It looks very 'gamer' but generally high end gamer kit is just as good or even better than commercial high end kit for graphics work etc.

Ie, I assume the RaidR is just as capable as the new PCI-E SSD HDD's in the new Mac Pro?




Meh, this seems to answer my question


Just looking for neater tidy solutions (no wires! yay!), but if it's no faster than an 840 Pro and costs £100 more then it's a waste of time.


I'll await these PCI-E to SSD controllers (rather than PCI-E > SATA > SSD as used in the RaidR) then maybe we'll see some worthwhile boosts in performance!