Asus R9 280x issues

Hey folks.

I bought an Asus R9 280x today and I've had nothing but problems with it. When I boot up any game, it will play for a few minutes and then the screen will go black. I have to then restart it.

I've reinstalled the drivers a few times, reset the bios. Nothings working. I've swapped graphics cards plenty of times and never had this happen.

I've got a i7 920, 6GB ram, GA-X58A-UD7, HX 850w power supply.

Any ideas?

If not I'll have to take it back Monday. I got it from Overclockers UK. I live local to the warehouse


I don't want to say that there is nothing that you can do, as I really don't know.  But I have read reviews on the card and the ASUS variant seems to have a lot of issues.  It is really unusual for an ASUS card to have a lot of issues like this...its pretty disappointing to see that from a pretty reputable company like ASUS.

I've tried everything that I know and its still giving me issues. Some people suggested lowing the clock speed to see if it will run. It crashes at 600mhz.

My mate thought it was the power supply but I doubt its not getting enough power. 850w is plenty.

I'll just take it back and decide on something else. Not sure what else to get.

R9 290 ?

Look around on ebay for local sellers , or buy one new.

Are they worth it? Which one would you suggest? 

I'm wondering if its a motherboard compatibility issue, I've got a GA-X58A-UD7 (rev. 1.0).
I'm sure my Bios is F7, maybe F6, I'll have to check since F7 has 

"Enhance CPU, DDR, PCIex16/x8 compatibility"

F8M and F9A are beta, don't really want to try them.

I was thinking of getting the Gigabyte 280x at the moment if they'll let me swap it. If not a 290x 

EDIT: Its F6, going update my bios. I think this could be the issue, if not, its not helping 

Two of my mates reckon its the powersupply. I thought 850 would be enough but with it being 5 years old nearly, it might be a bit worn out. So I'm on the market for a new one.

Corsair AX760i Digital ATX '80 Plus Platinum' Modular PSU seems good.

Any other suggestions?