Asus R9-280X Direct CUII vs Gigabyte R9-280X Windforce OC

Hiii guys i'm planing to buy R9-280X but i'm confuse between Asus and Gigabyte.  which will be better.

Realistically they are the same card with small differences, like one has 3 fans and the other has 2; But really it is all up to you. I myself got a Asus R9 280X Matrix Edition, because i plan to push may card to its limits.

Here are some links...



Gigabyte R9 280X Review and Benchmarks:

Asus R9 280X Review and Benchmarks:

Asus R9 280X Matrix link:

I'd say ASUS. I got the Top version (essentially the same) and the cooler is great!

well you have to look carefull because Asus got 2 versions of the R9-280X direct CUII and there is a diffrence.

  1. Asus R9-280X Direct CUII  850mhz stock clock equals a 7970.
  2. Asus R9-280X Direct CUII Top 1070mhz stock clock. equals a 7970GHZ

I would personaly go for the Asus R9-280X DC2T (top).

I'd like to butt in here and ask if you guys know how the Asus 280x TOP compares to the Sapphire 280x TOXIC.

I can buy either one for the exact same price, so no worries there. I think the Sapphire TOXIC is slightly faster at stock, but can the ASUS be just as fast with some tweaking? The reason I am asking this is because I also would quite like my GPU to be quieter and cooler, which is something the ASUS card boasts.

Don't forget there is also a DCUII TOP V2. So far I've only seen it available on Amazon and NCIX though.


The Toxic is the fastest you can get on stock yes. the asus can be as fast but you have to OC it then, or just look at the Asus Matrix. but realy if you can getthe toxic for the same price, then just go for it ☺