Asus R9 280X DC2T

hey guys,

The r9 cards are out there for about a month now and Asus has their Directcu ii card, but that one is 2 slots thick. Does anyone know if their 3 slots thick design comes back for the R9 280X? I will buy my pc when it's the 15th of November, so I hope it comes out before then. The reason for this is that originally I wanted the Sapphire Toxic R9 280X, but that card is 308 mm, so that's 8 millimeters too long for the Zalman Z11 plus (yes, 8 millimeters!)


I like the Zalman Z11 plus a little bit more than the CM storm enforcer, because of the outer shape. It's cheaper so I can replace those blue LED's with 2 red LED's and come out at the same price.




Well they have the matrix 280x's out here in the UK but they're much more expensive than the 7970 matrix's for some strange reason.

why you wanne have a 3 slot design? most cards are 2 slot design´s. indeed asus had some 3 slot design´s on theire 7950 and 7970 direct CUII.

But i think that will not come back..

About the case why wouldn't you just go for the Z11 plus HF, then you wouldn't need to change out the leds because they are already red.

Because the Zalman Z11 plus HF is USA only. I've forgotten to mention that I live in The Netherlands, just like Angel. I'm in love with that 3 slot design. It looks such a powerhouse!

EDIT: P.S. Angel, check your mail, I've sent you a mail