Asus R9 280X + BeQuiet Straight 600w

Hello everyone.


I have a dilemma. 

The Asus R9 280x states that it needs a 750w power supply.

1)My PSU is the BeQuiet Straight Power 600w Gold certified. Is this enough?


The graphics card states it needs 24 amps on the 12v rail

2) My PSU has 4 12v rails rated at 18a, 18a, 20a, 20a. Will this work? And how will I plug this in?


Thanks for your time and help



EDIT: It is one R9 280X.

Also the rest of the system:

Not Overclocked: FX 8350

8gb corsair 1600mhz ram

1 samsung 840 evo 250gb ssd


a 750w power supply?

Is that a dual 280x !??? otherwise its wattage assesment full of crap.

Your 600w will be enough, unless its a real crappy one! (don't know the model)


What is the rest of your system?

I really doubt it NEEDS a 750 watt PSU...I'm not an electrician/computer technician but that sounds way too high for a SINGLE card.


It is way too high for a single GPU; even on dual 8-pin PCIe cables, you can physically only pull 300W (150W per 8-pin, 75W per 6-pin), so unless your CPU is pulling around 300W, or you have about 100 HDDs, then you will never need more than a single 400W PSU for a single GPU.

A nice solid 550w psu will be fine just make shure you use at lest 2 of those 4 12v rails to power the video card or you will be overloading the rails.

Check your psu manual or site to see what rails are powering the connections so you dont try powering everything off one rail.

Ok well now that I know 600w is more than enough for the R9 280X. I still need help for the 4 12v rail issue.

Rail 1 and 2, are rated at 18a each. Rails 3 and 4 are rated at 20a each.

The PSU is non modular and has 4 cables for graphics cards, The power connectors for the graphics cards are labelled as GPU 1, GPU 2. The manual states that the GPU 1 power connector is connected with the 3rd rail of 20amps. So I don't know if I should use the combination of 1, 6 pin power plug connected with rail 3, and the 8 pin power connector with rail 4?

So GPU 1 is a 20amp rail and GPU 2 is differnt a 20amp rail? use one connection from 'gpu1' and one connection from 'gpu2' then you will be powering the card from 2 differnt rails.

Ok thanks, I think I will do that, and hopefully it will work out alright. Then I can have fun on the PC gaming side :D