Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI IPMI - noob IPMI question


Never used IPMI before. My case will be away from my desk and therefore the power on and reset buttons not within reach. I understand that I can power on and reset the system from IPMI. My thinking is if the system is on the network and I config the IP for the IPMI inside the BIOS while connecting a raspberry pi into my switch, I should be able to enter the IPMI IP address into the browser of the raspberry pi and able to use all the functions of IPMI on the motherboard… including hardware monitoring.

Is it really that simple? I have a separate wireless keyboard so a KVM solution is not necessary.

Thank you.

Yeah its just a web page and possible gui console launched usually with html5 these days.

Thank you. Any tips or tricks?

DCHP reservation and static address are nice, you could also put the ipmi and pi on its own vlan if you want some extra security, but is probably overkill

Great. Thanks for the tips. I was planning on using a static IP address but ya, your right, vlan is over kill.

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