Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI & IceGiant ProSi fan seedphon Elite

the Build is a Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI & 32 Core TR Pro 3975WX & IceGiant ProSi fan seedphon Elite on UbIt’s running well, but the fan speed is weird. I set it up with BMC over the network. The Fans still running fast sometimes under no heavy loading.
Somebody have that, too or have a advice.
thanks alot, best regards

have you checked the fan speeds with fan control tools for your OS? Aside that I recommend using them over BIOS defaults, they are great for troubleshooting and optimization. Fan speeds are usually tied to specific temp readouts. Could be as simple as wrong header.

How did you mount the Prosiphon with the WRX80 board design? horizonal board?

thanks for Ur reply!
I make some changes over BMC and it works better, still got some critical errors.
Is this a good setting for the fans? The board is horizontal. Also, when the something use the cpu, some kernels jumping up to 100%.
I’m from germany, pls forgive me the sentence order:)!

Max rpm on Thermosiphon fans is 2300. Those 3100 seem wrong.

Can’t see much else on my phone atm. Deutsche Bahn doesn’t have builtin wide-screen to plug in.

Upgrade the BMC firmware. The current version is 1.13.0.
I was seeing a lot of sensor errors with fans like that until I did the upgrade.
There also is a bios update for the system if you have not seen that yet.

thanks to all, that was very helful with the firmware update(markwoll the geany) on the BMC! No Kernel running up to 100% after update and the fans are happy.

best regards

p.s, where i can set this post on solved? thanks again


have to reopen this artikel, sorry.

the fans are running one week in this setup, but it’s not optimal, if the cpu to almost nothing, the fans running up and down, not much but if U only watch something is not so nice. would like to change the settings, but can’t login again.
Is there a simple way to reset the password on windows? in the bios there have a warm reset, but this is not working.

Best gergards

hello again
after a week with the very good support of Asus in Ratingen Germany, finally after reset the password with this line in DOS: asmc8 -adm_password NEUESPASSWORT, can login again:). have a good one
best regards


I recommend you change the password, or I claim this fine system as my own :slight_smile:

Schwäbeln die da? :smiley:

No it’s a open source Password:).

Auf jeden Fall hängen Sie den Schwaben raus, but the Support is great.

Have a good one…

I quess it is a fine maschine, but i get a blue screen already in Davinci Fusion:(.

I am wondering what are your CPU Temps? I have the same setup (CPU & MB)

I have contacted IceGiant back in July, they told me IceGiant is NOT COMPATIBLE with WRX80, how did you managed to get it installed?

Their link below, there is no mention of WRX80

Am assuming you’re having a horisental setup then?

@schischi would mind having a look at the last two replies and advise the orientation of you computer case?

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