Asus Pro WS W680-ACE

Pro WS W680-ACE IPMI|Motherboards|ASUS Global Any experiences with this board?

Most retailers around here list these, with bit high (600 euro) price and unknown availability. Leafed through the manual and the PCIE layout seems good, only bit of head scratcher is that SlimSAS connector.

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I hope they come out with a x670 variant. they did have a x570 variant. this board ticks all my boxes. sell my team red and go to team blue

Seems to be the first W680 motherboard for normal adults (the Supermicro is for senior citizens with its classic PCI slot wasting space better used for PCIe), the Gigabyte one is a bit too barebone for my tastes.

My personal gut is rumbling pretty hard regarding Intel at the moment, remember that the Alder Lake microcode sources leaked?

While sunlight is a great disinfectant, I’m pretty doubtful that Intel is going to fix everything that’s going to come from that - and let’s be honest, will most likely affect Raptor Lake very similarly.

AMD is no saint, but at least here I’m mostly only at odds with them regarding their product launch policies (no Zen 3 TR-Non-Pro, no 5950X3D, delayed 7000X3D), “USB 4 support” on X670 is just slapping Intel Thunderbolt 4 controllers on the motherboards.



This board looks super interesting and I can’t wait to get my hands on the IPMI card. I wonder if it’s held up because of the I226-V issue? Or more likely Lunar New Year at this point.

I think it’s great. You can choose to use those four chipset lanes for SATA drives or a fourth Gen4 x4 NVMe drive.

Newegg Business appears to have it in stock… shipped and sold by Newegg.

I also see the IPMI version at Provantage. I wish I knew why the IPMI version has a lower MSRP.

I ordered mine from Provantage when I found it in-stock there (checking teh googlez daily with a 24hr recency filter on results). It arrived quickly - they genuinely had it in stock. I have had great luck with Provantage for past parts, like the W-1290P and E-2288g chips.

I too am baffled as to why the IPMI model has a lower MSRP. Seriously, just toss the extra card if you don’t want it, and save a considerable amount?! At first I genuinely thought it was a listing error.

So you can’t discern any difference between the board you got and the one shown on listings for the non-IPMI version? It’s got to be a pricing error, which makes me think I shouldn’t wait much longer to order one…

What do you think of the board so far? What processor are you running?

Did Anyone purchase this board? I saw it on the computer shop I frequent. How do you like it?
Anyone running Linux / FreeBSD on this hardware?