Asus Prime X570-PRO vs Gigabyte X570S Aorus Elite AX - Which one to choose for VFIO?

Those two are probably the best option budget-wise for VFIO in my country. I really don’t need all the bells and whistles from the x570 platform. But I want to use VFIO for Windows. So I wanted to know which one is recommended for a simple VFIO setup with a Ryzen 5800x.

•	1x 3060 Ti for the virtualized machine
•	1x RX 480 for the host (light usage)
•	1x slot fod Wifi (if going with the Asus Prime)
•	At least 2 USB groupings so I can switch from host/client with a simple USB switch
•	Hassle-free audio setup. I’ve tried using my old machine with VFIO and latency/crackling is terrible.

Btw, I had experience with VFIO in the past but my i5-6500 and H170 motherboard had terrible groupings which made USB latency and Audio a PITA. Hopefully a new system built around it will fix the issues.

It’s a pretty simple setup. All I want is to run Linux full time and boot Windows for gaming and some productivity applications that aren’t on Linux. I’m also planning on using devices like a steering wheel and in the future a VR headset.

Which one has better IOMMU groupings? Unfortunately, those are my only options without going overbudget.

I could add the store links here and set my budget for the motherboard if it’s not a problem. But I’m from Brazil and it will be mostly in Portuguese (albeit the parts have standard English names) and in BRL.

Also: there is a Asus Tuf x570 that’s almost half the price of these two. I’d love to save a buck if that’s also a good choice.