ASUS Preview of Their AM5 Hero Motherboard

Interesting preview of the upcoming high-end X670e Motherboard.

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WHo needs 5 M.2 Storage slots? Why not put them as pcie cards and just let people use adapter there?

I can see having two models in that one would be onboard M.2 slots and the other only a single to two M.2 slots + PCIe Expansion card.

Micro ATX and smaller form factors may also have space limitations onboard, but doesn’t ASUS have that DIMM.2 slot expander thing ?

I was supervised to not see the dimm.2. as well.

They are, that’s just the ASUS marketing getting in the way.

The board has three M.2 slots; two work as expected (one is PCIe5 from the CPU, one is PCIe4 from the chipset), populating the third M.2 will bifurcate the PCIe5 slots into x8/x4, so it can steal the last x4. It comes with an x8 PCIe card to add two more M.2 slots.

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