Asus PN51 vs MinisForum Elitemini x500 buying advice

So I’m looking around for a new PC for the parental units.
I’ve always build my own pc’s in medium or full tower atx format.
But I realized that they don’t really need that, so something small, unobtrusive and preferably silent would be good for them.
Since I’ve never fooled around any with SFF, I thought this might be a good place to ask for advice and if any of you have experience with these models.
Both the pn51 and the x500 seems like nice little packages.
To be honest the 5700u (or even the 5500u) is probably overkill for them, but at least it should last them for a long time right?
Their use case is pretty much google, surf the web, probably some facebook, streaming, office things and perhaps play some music.
For me the pn51 with 5700u and the x500 (5700u) without memory and ssd are just about the same price. About $600 including tax/vat.
They both have pretty much the same specs.
WIFI 6 is nice. 2x 1 gig ports vs 1x 2.5gig seems like a non issue, but I guess 2.5 might be somewhat preferable for future proofing since I cant think of ever needing 2 NICs.
Not planning on OC or anything, just set and forget (hopefully)

I’m located in Sweden so native currency is SEK.

So it it’s down to possible issues like noise etc.

Which would you choose? Or if you have any other suggestions for something that might fit the requirements.


I have the PN51 in my Gamecube so I can vouch for this one. Never got really noisy and it’s works well. I have the 5500u and no problem on the performance side whatsoever.

But if you can get a PN51-S1, it would be nice as this rare variant as usb c PD, so if you pair with a screen with a usb c PD port, you could have a single cable setup to power the pc and send display signal to the screen. Otherwise the newer PN52 also have PD.

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Turns out the PN51 I was looking at is indeed the P51-S1 version.
So the monitor would in that case act similar to a docking station for a laptop?

If I went that path I could go with a 5500u version and save about $70 compared to the 5700u.
Add a 1tb nvme and 16gb ram and it add up to about $760.
Will have to shop around for compatible monitor as well.

Yes it would act as a docking station. Ya I would recommend the 5500u version, it’s plenty powerful. Plus the r3 and r5 versions only have 65W power brick, so you only need to get a monitor that can output up to 65W, vs the r7 version which has a 95W powr brick, and would require a monitor that could output up to 95W through PD, which I think is less common in monitors.

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