ASUS PG278Q 1440p monitor, nearly bezel-less, 1ms response time and 120Hz+ capable

There ya go. Hype-machine, activate! 799$ "only".

I'm thinking that since it's 120Hz+ and 1ms response time, it's probably a TN panel. And I'm also wondering how they can get 1440p to run at 120Hz+ effective, given the bandwidth constraints of current DisplayPort and HDMI.

Only DisplayPort 1.3 and HDMI 2.0 could have a hope of running it at that speed, so I wonder if it'll use two connectors, one of the un-released connectors, or if it'll be able to run 120Hz+ only in theory and in marketing blurbs but not in practice.)

*EDIT: Seems it takes a DisplayPort input only. However, how that will work is unclear, since 2560x1440p is currently not something that DisplayPort is capable of running (as far as I know).

Oh, one more thing. It has G-Sync.

"I did not mean... (He did not mean) To blow your mind. (To blow your mind.) But that sh*t happens to me... all the tiiiiiiiiiiime."

Have fun with this, guys.

DisplayPort 1.3 is supposedly capable of 3D 4k output.  I don't think it'll have any problem with 1440 at 120+ fps.

What I would like is GSync on lower end [email protected] monitors. It would really help us with lesser GPUs that don't always perform at 60 FPS. 

This is exactly what I want and the price I expected, but damn that's expensive. 

That is interesting. It's not IPS, and it kind of needs to be... I want everything!