Asus PB50 vs 3400G Linux support?

Need a computer, I am in between buying a PB50 with a Ryzen 5 3550H

Or ASSEMBLING a Ryzen 5 3400G machine (need the 8 threads).

Wondering about the Linux support on the PB50, if anyone has any insight.

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Holy shit this has been tagged as “Build a PC” …you don’t BUILD A FUCKNG PC YOU F…
TSMC and Gigabyte build PCs, you just buy some components and ASSEMBLE THEM.
Much like you would assemble an Ikea bookshelf, all you need to is follow instructions, no engineering required.

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I went with the 3400G. For anyone wondering, I chose the MSI Mortar Max motherboard. I needed the bios flash function and budget isn’t a concern.

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