Asus or msi hd 7950?

I can't decide between these two 7950's

I want one that is quiet cool and overclock well and i don't mind that the asus is such a big card. Anyone have any experience with either of these cards?

the MSI 7950 will be louder and hotter but the Twin frozor III seems to fair pretty well on the 7950, the ASUS will be quieter with slightly better temps but  takes up 3 slots which can be a pain.

I think the best 2 cards for price, performance, cooling and temps are either the Sapphire cards or the HIS iceQ x2 cards.

I'd go for the Asus 7950. I personally have the MSI 7950, as it was about 70$ cheaper than the Asus at the time I bought it. But since the two are so close in price, and the Asus card will run cooler and quieter, it's definitely the way to go.