Asus or his 7970

Just when I thought I knew every part of my pc, including the HiS iceQ x2 7970, I saw that the asus 7970 direct cu ii is 300 euros and the his 320. Ive read a lot about both, but I can't decide which one to take. I really really like the 3 slot thick layout, it looks like a beast! I know, I know: the new GPU's are coming, but I will buy my pc about half Novembre, so plenty time left. Maybe if they have an aftermarket pcb and/or cooler on the r9 290x, I'll take it, but the normal single coolers are loud as hell and very hot, so the 7970 will outperform it when it's oc'ed.

So, the HiS or the Asus 7970?



there both really good, pick whichever one you think looks better at this point

If you want max OC and have the space go with the HD7970-DC2T-3GD5 (excellent card) and if you plan on going SLI in the future, go with the smaller form factor HIS (also a excellent card). 

Personally I wouldn't be buying a 7970 quite yet , as the prices will drop down even more Very soon......but you know this! :) 

I do know this indeed ; ). My case will have enough slots to house 2 Asus DCU2 ; ). What I can do is take both. Hell, if I want I can cf an Asus 7970 with a reference 7950 (single cooler closed thingy). Same series (79*0) so that should be allright. Just both asus and his to 1100mHz core and enjoy my bf4 and later on eyefinity exlerience. That's what I dream of: cf 7970 or whatever and play bf4 ultra eyefinity eith 45+ (prever 60+) fps

Then Id go with the Asus, that cooler is a monster! 

how you gonne sli those? lol ☺

anyway both cards are great, i would say go for the Asus ☺