I have an ASUS PB287Q that I bought in 2014. It’s started doing this:

(I feel the need to point out that this isn’t my video, that isn’t my desk, yes that is a banana peel).

Have any of you had any experience of something like this? Is there a way to fix it beyond just muting the display? Turning it off and on again stops it (turning my AV receiver which is seemingly unrelated also stops it) but it starts again soon afterwards.

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What in the bloody hell was that noise?! That was not what I was expecting. I’m assuming it’s connected via HDMI? Is your AV connected to the monitor in anyway?

Or you just trolling?

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It MIGHT be a ground loop problem? Does the behavior change depending on which circuit in your house it is plugged into?

It also might be a bizarre artifact of an old diaplayport cable with pin 20 connected. Is it connected via HDMI or displayport?

If it isn’t either of those, then I’d rack it up to an internal failure of the display :man_shrugging:

So there are quite a few threads and videos around of people reporting this exact same problem. The two most common things I’m reading are that it’s a problem with the monitor’s displayport audio connection, or its Asus’ way of warning about leaking capacitors (which seems slighty dubious).

Looks like you can mute the audio in the monitor’s OSD, but otherwise the only solution is getting a replacement, which would be an amazing achievement 7 years after buying it.

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I’ve had the same PB287Q since just short of eight years ago, and it’s done this before.

It appears to be a DisplayPort problem, at least for mine. Swapping out the cable with a shorter one fixed it at the time (this was probably two years ago) and it hasn’t done that since.

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I think it is connected via DisplayPort – my GPU’s HDMIs are being used by an AV receiver and a 1080p monitor. I’ve muted it in the OSD, so it’s probably screaming silently into the void as I type this… It’s a workaround, but it’s a bit too far from my PC for a shorter cable. I was actually planning on getting an even longer one

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking… I feel like if it were a warning of some kind there would be some kind of error message, it wouldn’t just start screaming at you. It’s quite loud, when it happened at 3am I wouldn’t be surprised if it woke my upstairs neighbour.


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