Asus Mobo Sabertooth vs Hero Z87

Like it say in the subject i am trying to put together a gaming rig and i cant decide

I would say the Hero. The soundcard on the Hero motherboard is really good. Some software that is geared toward gaming. Only thing missing on the Hero is wifi, but wifi cards are pretty inexpensive.

I don't really think the Sabertooth is worth it, most people choose the Sabertooth because of the aesthetic. There's virtually nothing on the Sabertooth's list of features that I would deem necessary. Has good warranty, that's about it.

"Goo" warranty?

Well the sabertooth also doesn´t have wifi and bluetooth, as far as my knowledge goes, so thats not realy an issue.

i would go fot the Asus Z87 Hero in this case. if i had to choose between those 2. If Money isn´t an issue, then i would personaly go for the Msi Z87 Mpower max.

grtz Angel ☺

How close is the Mpower to the Hero? It is a better motherboard than either the Sabertooth or Hero.

the normal Mpower is arround the same price as the Hero arround $214  the Mpower max is arround $229.  if im right. The only thing what probably would be better on the Hero is the sound chip, but im not sure about that..

Normal Mpower:

Mpower MAX: