Asus Mobo choosing

Hi, i am looking to build a system and i was thinking of a 680i board but with the 4870 out i think i am going to make the switch to Ati so i am looking for a crossfire board with pci-e 2.0 Preferably from Asus with a price range of about 219.99- $220 (or less obviously) but i might stretch it a little if its worth it..planning on putting a q6600 in it and ddr2 ram any help in the right direction would be great thanks

i was also thinking this one

Either one would be fine, it just depends if you want a X48 or a P45.

to be honest i would say the

from elite group the cheapest of all X48 mobos

con: it has ddr3

or this one

from gigabyte it has ddr2 which is 4 bucks more from your budget

Don't buy ECS or DDR3.

I really like the asus p5q deluxe ive been wanting to buy that for a while. It comes with so much stuff

i am really leaning toward the p45 it seems to have much better (more) features.. am i losing out on much by not going to the x48? ..the 3rd pci-e x16 slot on the p45 seems kinda of bogas but i won't be needing it anyway.. by the time i have the money for 3 vid cards i'll be buying a ddr3 motherboard with usb 3.0 ! lol whenever that will be

nah, get the p45 you won't be sorry.