Asus MeMo hd 7 Any opinions on usability?

I have been considering using a tablet for awhile now. I really only need to be able to surf the internet, watch vids,check emails and present possible builds to people quickly. The asus memo hd 7 seems to be a affordable option. Any one have any practical experience with this product . I know the google nexus 7 is more powerful but it lacks microsd . Which to me seems more important that trying to game at a subpar level on limited battery life.

Dude, the original Nexus 7 stomps on MeMo and a 32gb can be found refurbished on Ebay for cheaper. Unless you make it a primary media device to store all your movies and music, you'll have a hard time being able to fill that 32gb with apps. If 32gb won't suit you, get a Hisense Sero 7 Pro, it's literally a copy of the Nexus 7 with a different body and comes with a micro SD slot. Now with the Nexus you'll get the latest version of Android whereas the other models will suffer from long update cycles if official support doesn't drop off after the first year.

I will look into that, thanks. Really only need decent basic function and portable.

Anyway i just purchased one. So here is the way i rooted Asus Memo hd 7. First download airdroid in google chrome. Follow this guide . Use the Framaroot .apkĀ  . once downloaded its just a matter of dragging and droppingĀ  the apk into airdroid. Goto files find apk and click install. Make sure your connected either by usb or Wifi.