Asus mars GTX 295 in SLI runs far cry 2 at 3840 x

Here is my article about card... it's the fastest card on the planet. It just set a new record in 3DMark with a score of X25057.

asus has two of them running in SLI Far Cry 2 at 3840 x 2160...

ridiculousness... The card, to me, seems like a news grabber to fill the headlines until we have some true next-gen cards... but I still wouldn't mind having two of them.

If only i had about 2.500$ right now

Son of a-Man that must be sexy.Hey Logan.. wanna start postin' some stuff us poor people can pleasure even more from cause we can afford it?Â

Awesome would love to have that setup also what a grate preview of DX11 Cards.

That is a monster setup, something you would use to play on your bigscreen.

"Dude wtf console do you have?"

"Lol noob, its a pc"

Funny... ATi ended partnership with Gainward, cause Gainward could get a HD4850 performs better than a HD4870 (or HD4890?).

And Nvidia let their brands toying with thier chipsets like that? ATi wont be getting anywhere, if they don't experiment...

Shame that there's only going to be 1000 of these cards. Would be a good seller @ the enthusiastmarket! - Now I'm thinking Maxishine

So to clear things up: Who would the hell buy these cards and throw them up in SLI

A: [color=#ff0000]Me! [/color][color=#ffffff]lol[/color]