ASUS MARS 760x2 4GB usable?

hey guys i was looking at the mars 760 and i was wondering if all of the 4gb frame buffer is available to use.


No. cards are advertised with the total amount of GDDR5 that is on the card. a 760 MARS is two GTX 760s on one PCB. you have 2GBs of video memory per GPU

That card is kinda silly even if it did have 4gb to be honest...if you feel you need 4gb of vram get an R9 290(x) or an 970 and still have some money left for drugs and prostitutes.

The 760x2 is a card that is for... nobody. Like Num43 said, other cards outperform it for less money and probably less power consumption.

Yeah... i realized that its a cool card but not the best bang for the buck. I ordered the 970 Strix