ASUS M5A99FX broke again

my first m5a99fx broke after i cleaned the heatsink of my graphics card.

i booted it up and got a static buzzing noise and no other sound and sometimes a little crackling.

got a new one it worked fine but  my graphics card had problems a put it in the oven now buzzing noise is back


i tried:

booting ab linux instead of windows

putting my graphics card in another slot

using another grahpics card

updating audio driver


and everytime i still get the buzzing noise

Edit: added audio driver

You put your graphics card in the oven?

Played around with my video card mobo must be broken....

the videocard is working fine the audio(onboard) not

So like 350f for twenty minutes? Did it rise OK? I hear they are better with A1 Steak sauce

RMA that bish

have you tried your graphics card in a different system, sounds to me like the GPU is busted and possibly damaging the board. 

asus must use shit audio solutions on those, i've had one fail and my current one has acted like it was about to die at points

just keep returning them or buy a better brand next time (unfortunately that's not a possibility on am3+)

I have the same Mobo and have never had the slightest issue out of it. If you have the Pro R2.0 version that is. As far as getting a better mobo Asus is about one of the most solid manufacturers you can get. Maybe go with thier TUF series (Sabertooth 990FX) or the RoG one?

Audio solutions on all those boards are the same ALC-892 audio chip., does not matter which brand. ☺

Asus Crosshair V Formula Z has better software from creative, and supreme FX shielding.

Asrock 990Fx fatality killer has a newer realtek ALC-1150 audio chip onboard. The same chip as you will find on all intel haswell boards.

so asus just makes defective stuff

you can allways have some bad luck with elektronics, it has nothing to do with Asus in my opinnion. But 2 times in a row, then i think there is something diffrent what causing the problems.