Asus m5a78l-m lx plus am3+

This motherboard is Micro Atx.  Supports Am3+ (Fx). Supports 125w.

However there are some cases where i searched for the Fx compatibility, cannot support fx-8350.

I've heard it supports fx-8120, but not sure about the (fx-8150 - fx-8320).

If anyone has any info about this budget Micro atx board, would like some help please. Could make my choice on, motherboard and cpu upgrade here in the near future.

Need anymore info just ask.

Link to board on New egg:

I would say stay away from the 8150 go for the 8350 or 8320.

As the fo the Mobo According to this the Fx procs are compatible with a bios update:,4.0GHz,8C,125W,rev.C0,AM3+)


Thanks wasnt able to find that page untill you linked it thanks.

they are all comactibile with FX and they are supporting 1860 Mhz DRAM Freq as native/normal.

Motherboard AM3+

CPU FX-8350

As far as I can see they are both AM3+ sockets and will fit each other. This processor is 125W 8 core Vishera. The motherboard specs state it will handle CPUs up to 125W. Check the “detail” section of both links and I am sure you will see they are compatible.