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ASUS k53t kbd fubar



I Reboot
I tried install new driver .
currently using onscreen kbd using wireless mouse .
key combination cause this ?
what else to try ?


Can you use the keyboard in the bios?

If so it’s probably a driver issue. Or some sort of software issue.


how to get to bios with no keyboard ?


So the keyboard does not work during boot up then? Like you tried to hit one of the function keys during boot and nothing happened?

Interesting. Must be some sort of hardware fault.

  • does an external keyboard work?
  • have you at some point spilled liquid on it or are crumbs under some keys?
  • If you are comfortable with opening the device (I believe it is screwed together) you can try to locate the flex cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard. Take a look at the connector and surrounding components whether you see corrosion, bent pins or something else suspicious.


I will try a usb keyboard.
Yes to crumbs.
No to liquid.
If the usb doesn’t work I have another parts laptop to switch out the keyboard. Some of the key letters are worn out so was planning to change keys anyway…the whole board isn’t much more work. I swapped out the chassis a couple years ago as the hinges were broke.


It is possible that cleaning crumbs out can remove the fault. When a key or any part of the circuit (depending on layout) gets closed it can cause essentially a permanent button press (or multiple). Depending how the controller handles that this can cause keyboard logic to freeze and not register inputs any more.


Usb keyboard works. Does that indicate hardware problem?


not 100% certain but most likely, yes

if you haven’t done the cleaning yet, I would proceed with that and then disassembly


Started cleaning keyboard and then decided changing out keyboard would be easier. Unfortunately no change, still no writing. Couldn’t find any obvious signs of bad connectors.


What type of connector is on that particular keyboard?
Are you positive that no pins are bent or dust stuck in the connector?
Can you take a look in the device manager under which type of device the keyboard shows up (i.e. if it is indirectly connected via USB) Maybe post a screenshot.