Asus hyper m.2 X16 card V2

Hello, i got this.
The instructions are not that hard, but only 1 of the nvme shows up. I got all 960 pro nvme. 4 500gb. my board is asus ws x299 sage 10g. and i bought the Vrock key, the cheeper one. I dont know what is wrong? i tried it in my x99 board, same issue, only 1 drive shows. Anybody try one of these? Thanks.

Did you enable the appropriate bifurcation option in bios?

yeh, i am pretty shure. i will check my manual

Sounds like you either:

  1. Forgot to enable bifurcation
  2. Didn’t add the card to a x16 slot (as in, 16 active lanes)
  3. Chose a slot that is not possible to bifurcate into a 4x4 slot
  4. Did not configure the motherboard to run that particular slot as a bifurcated 4x4
  5. Accidentally bought the PCIe 4.0 card instead of PCIe 3.0 card, and trying to run in PCIe 2.0

Just troubleshoot and come back :slight_smile:

there is no text that says bifurcation anywhere in the bios. just option to turn Intel Vroc on. i installed intel vroc software and turned on in bios. it dont even show up now. and i have a key. the card lights up. no i have the 3.0 card. thanks for your help.

this is getting confuseing. i got the card to show up, and only still list 1 drive. asus says my drives are qualified, but it looks like intel vroc, it is not qualified? This makes no sense? also, the card does not have my motherboard listed, but has lesser X299 boards listed? This just a mess. F this card.

Yeah, seems like it according to this help page:

Ouch :frowning:

Are you guys sure that X299 doesn’t support PCIe slot bifurcation WITHOUT the use of Intel’s VROC?

I had thought that VROC is only relevant if you want to use the motherboard’s chipset/firmware RAID with NVMe drives, not if you just want to use the drives individually like with an HBA without hardware RAID functionality.

But I have never looked at it on that platform since I vowed in 2015 to only ever purchase ECC-capable (desktop) systems from then on and Intel’s Xeon prices turned me way off compared to AMD’s “working but on non-PRO CPUs unsupported ECC”.

Edit: Whoops, mixed up two threads, sorry!

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