Asus Hyper M.2 Card - 4 NMVe only 2 Show?

All First Thank you for your help ! Building a workstation using a MSI X570 ACE , Ryzen 3900x , 64gb EEC ram , MSI RTX 3060 and a ARUS Hyper M.2 X16 card V2 . I have 4 NVMe cards but can only see the first 2 did all kinds of Bios changes even 4x4x4 Nothing ??? Help

Well you only have 16x lanes to go around so if you have another card say a GPU populated, the you only have 8 lanes going to your m.2 card in 4x chunks

It won’t make each m.2 run at 2x unless it had a PLX chip to mux the lanes
If you want a bunch of m.2s and a dedicated GPU you’ll have to go threadripper

Alternatively what might work is putting one in the dedicated m.2 slot that goes to the CPU and one on a m.2 that goes through the chipset and then use the card for the two that will work

Keep in mind this will not be ideal for a raid array


Yeah you will only get 8 lanes (Aka 2 drives) if you are using the slot that gets split with the first one for the GPU.

Source:The MSI MEG X570 Ace Motherboard Review: Ace in the Hole at $369

Mind you the link the the Chipset is only pcie gen 3x4 since your using 3xxx cpu

Thanks I just want to see the NMVe’s as separate drives.

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Hi NetworkNewbie,

I tried this with two MSI boards last year and discovered it the hard way, like you. Made the jump to Threadripper.

Mutation666 already provided you with the technical limitations. MSI uses a 2 drive extender card for most of their X570 i had the Creation and ACE.

I tried to place the raid card in the first PCIe slot but I couldn’t allocate 4x4x4x4 to it and 8x to the GPU

good luck


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Thanks it shouldn’t be this hard

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