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ASUS H87m-e overheating?

recently built a pc and found out through nzxt cam hwmonitor that my motherboard (an ASUS h87m-e) is running 112 degrees celsius hot. 

everything else seems fine (gpu and cpu are at 50 degrees celsius)

any help is gladly appreciated 


which cpu do have on this board?

And which sensor shows the 112 degrees? TMPIN2 ?

i have i5-4440

in cpuid hwmonitor

the TMPIN0 at 46 degrees

 i see on temperatures mainboard at 112 degrees costant

and on nzxt cam shows

  on the motherboard with temperature1 at 112 degrees

and temperature2 at 41 degrees

Thats kinda wierd, did you allready tried an bios update? to newest version?

maybe the sensor is wrong, a i5-4440 should not overheat a mobo like that, you also should experiance instabillity issues, with that mobo temp. i think a sensor is not showing right numbers.  maybe a bios update can fix this. Otherwise contact  Asus about it, and send the board back for rma.