Asus H61M-CS

Hello Techies

I recently purchased 3rd gen i3-3220 with motherboard Asus H61M-CS for my basic usages.I would like to know whether this processor-motherboard config is compatible for best performance and visual experience.I am using a dell S2240L monitor.The visual experience like wallpapers and video were really eye popping quality in my previous config AMD A4 4000 with ECS mo.Right now i also have the mouse arrow goes fully out of the screen on right side and bottom.Pls help what is the cause of this issue.Is it bcoz of the incompatibility of processor and motherboard?This Asus H61M-CS mo compatibilty is not listed in various websites with this Intel i3-3220,else H61M-C is listed.What is the difference between H61M-CS and H61M-C.pls help..thanku.

Have you installed all the appropriate motherboard drivers etc ~ along with intel graphics drivers???

Made sure that your desktop resolution is that of the native resolution of your screen? ie 1080p

yes i installed everything and the resolution is 1080p