Asus gtx 760 directcu ii gpu question

my friend recently installed the card like yesterday actaully but my question is this after he installed and updated the drivers ect the card worked and he got improved numbers but the question is; Is it ok that after he powered off the system his gpu's green light stay on for a while and dimmed out eventually maybe like an hour later or so. Is it ok or normal for the there to be a residual light on the gpu after the system has been powered down my friend was asking me but I wasn't familiar with the issue if it's even a issue of maybe a miss connected gpu so I came here thanks.

I've seen this happen to my old GTX 670 DirectCU II and nothing bad ever happened to that desktop and components. It should be fine.

If your friend still feels uncomfortable, maybe he could record it happening to see if it looked like what my situation was. Or ask an IT to fix a "possible" problem.