Asus GTX 680 DCII top

hey all. wanted to join the tek syndicate and post some stuff on the forums and get some feedback! so here goes my first post!

ive been getting together quite the gaming system, and i came across this card. and it looks like its everything i could ever want. it was in the price range max for the build, but i dont mind paying more for getting more. i am new to overclocking and i think this would be an awesome card to try lots of simple over clocking on. does anyone have this card? or know someone who has it? or heck send me some facts on why this card is crap. just so long as they are facts =3


get this one


well, truth be told. i liked the idea of the 3 slot card. to me that showed that it had a super huge heat sink letting it stay colder then any other on the market. im only gonna be running my games in 1 24" minitor, so i dont see the point of me having the extra 2gigs in the card *shrugs*. also the bace clock speed is much lower then the Top. now me being not so knowledgeable about overclocking im guessing the RoG card i could clock to the speed set by the Top card. but im not sure. i might just be a consumer in wanting to beleave what Asus is saying when they test all of the cores of the GPUs and only put the best of the best in the card. any ideas?

Fair enough, some good points there. It's just i've been looking at 1440p monitors and they require more gpu RAM for gaming. The card should overclock well but I havent seen any reviews on this card specifically. With two slots should allow SLI to be a bit easier and still have room for a dedicated sound card. But your choice, if your not intending to go 1440p or SLI go for the top card.