Asus GTX 670 or MSI GTX 660ti power edition

Will the 660ti last for about 4 years? i wan't my rig to last longer than 4 years :)

the GTX670 ofc is better.

but where you gonne use youre pc for? ever tought about an Radeon option? 7950/7970 ?


If you're going for longevity, the 670 is well worth it. 

yep. Or 7950, if he likes mining.

I'd say go for the 670 Its better obv (Not to seem cocky but if it was the same then there'd be no 660 Ti lol) and unlike the 660 Ti it will be a longer lasting option. I know this because if the 600 goes anything like the 500 series, as soon as the 700 series are released, the 660 Ti's and below will go out of fashion (term not like they are stylish lol) very quickly. However if you look at the 570's and 580's, they are still able to run most games at great framerates, however with this evidence I have to back up my theory the 560 I had until yesterday was great for the first 6 months and then after that it became obsolete.

 I got the 7970 yesterday, so if you can spare a few more bucks you should go for that. You might be a similar person to me and go "AMD?! NVidia is better!". Yeah. They are better imo, however at this level I really didn't care lol, and neither will you when you see the performance of the beast. In addition to that, overclock it a bunch if you get a great cooling solution, and you'll be able to get close to the 680 without the nasty price tags.

 Hope I helped!