ASUS GTX 660 Ti - Bricked?

A friend of mine picked up a stellar deal on two ASUS GTX 660 Ti Direct CU II cards - one OC version and one base version. The OC card works without a hitch, however the base version seems to be dead to the world; it'll power on but no picture is ever displayed. If I stick the OC card in the same slot the machine is happy...

I've jumped in the UEFI BIOS and switched over the primary graphics to the on-board so I could get into Windows, but beyond that the card isn't detected at all. Because of this, naturally I can't use NVFlash or any other utilities to drop the stock BIOS on the card. Have I got a paperweight here or is there a jumper I can change over to factory default the vBIOS and go from there? Already contacted the seller to see what we can do here.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!