Asus gryphon z97 vs z97m-plus

I am having a hard time picking between these 2 motherboards. Which of these 2 motherboards will last longer and is future proof?

The two boards are very similar in specs but the Gyrphon does offer a 5 year warranty vs the 3 year on the Z97M-Plus

I suppose if you plan to SLI the Gyrphon would be best suited.

As far as reliablity goes, its up in the clouds even high end motherboard can be DOA.

No they are not realy similar.

The Gryphon is way better quality wise. 8+2 powerphase digi vrm, and the Gryphon supports SLi.

The Z97 M-plus is only a 4 powerphase board digi vrm, and this board does NOT support SLi

Sounds good. The gryphon is my choice.

I have worked with both boards. There is a reason why we build systems with the gryphon if the customer can afford it, The z97m-plus is a cheap board. Have had a lot of them fail on me and customers.

Also if your willing to sacrifice some features, The z87 gryphon is cheaper than both boards.

I do like the gryphon board, and I also like the 5 year warranty. I would like it to support m.2 orsata express, but I am willing to give those features up for a reliable motherboard.

I would persuade you to not buy the m-plus. Even if the gryph is 50 dollars more I'd go with that. I have a z87m-plus and am ruing the day I bought it. The m-plus is a value board and really only a good option if you're on a tight budget. Spend that extra little bit and get the gryph.