Asus GM501 wont play audio over hdmi during fullscreen

I have not been able to play audio while in fullscreen for most games over my HDMI. It will either revert back to my laptops audio or not play audio at all if I have my realtek audio disabled. It will work while that game is in a windowed mode.

Troubleshooting steps done:
Restarted PC
Restarted games
Updated windows 10
Repaired Games via Steam, Origin, etc.
Reinstalled NVIDIA drivers
Reinstalled Intel VGA drivers and updated them to the latest version.
I have disabled/enabled audio through windows sound control panel
Also ran the Sound troubleshooting tool.

*Note: There are NOT any options to adjust audio via the NVIDIA control panel since I have Intel.

Audio works fine with movies and other full-screen application and game audio will play while the game is windowed. I have honestly never seen anything like this. I think it is a NVIDIA and Intel driver conflict, but I haven’t found anything via googling it. I find it quite strange and perplexing. Any help is appreciated.

Update: In order to eliminate the hardware. I played a few games on Ubuntu today and the audio issue wasn’t there. So it’s looking more like a windows or a driver issue.