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ASUS GL703GM Battery discharging Nightmare(FINAL UPDATE 11/9/18)



Alright this is going to be a little lengthy. I have had to RMA this laptop twice and the issue still has not been fixed. The issue I’m getting with the laptop is the laptops battery will discharge while plugged into the wall outlet. This occurs while I’m playing a game or rendering files in AutoCAD. The laptop battery discharges at roughly 6%-12% every 30 minutes. I have had the laptop shut down on me in about 6-7 hours when I’m using it for work and a bit sooner while on a long gaming session.

I have tried two OEM power bricks, updating ,and downgrading the BIOS. I have updated all my drivers, windows, and anything else that would be pertinent to this. I fiddled with the windows power management settings for giggles. The only thing I have not done is underclocking the CPU as I don’t want to possibly break the manufacturers warranty. After I did all this I decided to RMA the laptop and the first time they just reinstalled windows. Which obviously didn’t solve anything. I have now gotten back a second time and it is still doing it. According to their support their technicians replaced the motherboard. Still didn’t fix the issue.

It’s hopefully a battery issue since I’m in the middle of a 3rd RMA. If not then, from what I can deduce, the laptop either has a insufficient OEM power brick or the overall design for power delivery is poor. This is the first gaming laptops I’ve ever had do this. I’ve owned 4 others with this being my second Asus. I have no idea if other users are having this issue as I haven’t heard/seen anything yet from googling, though, I do know there GL502VS was having this issue as well.

tl;dr:Laptop drains the batter while plugged to a wall outlet during a CPU intensive task. Asus RMA can’t fix it.

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UPDATE(8/27/18): So I got the replacement back today and I’m still seeing the same issue. Pretty much figured out it’s most likely an issue with this particular model. I believe the issue stems from an insufficient power brick(~180W). It could also be a bad design for the motherboard. I’ve fiddled with some other stuff such as the disabling hyperthreading and lowering the voltage to about -.250V which was the only way to stop it from draining the batter while plugged in. I’m going to buy another power brick with a higher wattage and see if that solves the problem.

Since someone PM’d me about this: I’m also seeing thermals around 80C for the both the GPU and CPU, which is pretty normal for how thin this laptop is.


Possible that the power brick cant support enough power, it only occurs when heavy load if you turn down the power settings does it still happen? I dont think it would be a battery issue. Is it possible to try and run it without the batty installed (not sure on this model)


Power setting don’t effect anything unfortunately. The a battery is built into the laptop The only thing they made accessible is the hard drive bay and RAM.


Maybe an issues with the charging circuit, considering I dont think ASUS would make a laptop that would overdraw the power brick, this is possible since the new 6 core blah blah blah, but possible charging circuit issue. I have dealt with ASUS RMA before and they sucked when I had to use them (X99 Deluxe)


What I’m thinking is the issue as well or the battery is bad(doubtful). All I know is that I’m probably not buying another laptop from them again. Though there representatives have been good, but they can only do so much.


It shouldnt be a battery issue, since the power brick should be able to supply the load the laptop can draw, it has to be something with the charging circuit


It’s possible they made it in series with the circuit, though, it is unlikely. I have seen dumber design decisions.


This sounds very much like the 180watt power-supply cannot keep it fed when both the GPU and CPU are working hard. I think the CPU will average 45watts and the 1060 around 100watts? That doesn’t leave a lot of head room for the screen and disks etc.

My Dell can display similar behavior to this; it’s in the support documentation that this can happen under certain circumstances. Using another higher rated power supply (I have a 180w and 240w in the house) stops it.

Do Asus still install Power 4 Gear on their ROG series? I remember hearing a few years back that uninstalling it helped prevent this behavior, but I’ve never owned a ROG laptop so it’s just heresay.


No, from what I can tell this is either a under powered power supply, a bad component, or bad design. From what I have read on there forum and the documentation the laptop only supports 180W. This is my second ROG and the first was pretty good at the time 4th gen intel w/ a decent gpu(770M?), though, it was thick as a pizza box. Honestly would rather deal with that than have to deal with this crap. Can’t even make it through a work day with it.


wow, that just plain sucks. Does the BIOS allow you to disable Hyper-Threading or cores? You might be able to experiment to see if running i7 as a lesser CPU reduces this behavior. Obviously not ideal but might help get you through the day?

Any chance you can get a full refund?


I can’t through the bios. I know I can go through the intels XTU and do it through there, but it voids my warranty. I’m past my refund since I decided to RMA and it went past the deadline. Asus sent me an email about 15 minutes ago that they’ll exchange this laptop for a new unit. So hopefully it’s not a design issue. Until then I’m stuck with my works crappy hp. Well at least I’ll get overtime since most of my cad files take 15 minutes to load on it :joy:


I vaguely remember reading about a “feature” on some MSI gaming laptop that would draw power simultaneously from both the AC adapter and the battery to boost gaming performance for a while.


@xyz when do you get the laptop back from rma?


@mutation666 I should have it within 7-10 business days according to there site. I’ll post an update when it comes back.


Yes and I’ve seen some of my works newer laptops (HP) do it as well, but they only get to 95% and will then throttle our CPU/GPU a little. It usually only throttles them down by about .150 mV.



ASUS emailed me saying they are unable to repair my device and will replace it with another unit. I’ll post another update once I’m able to verify the new unit will not have the same issue.


Woot woot.


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Ok, so the new power brick came in and it didn’t change anything. Had a few people at work recommend a “battery calibration”, but from what I know lithium based batteries don’t require this. Since my last update ASUS support reached and stated they were escalating the issue to their “development team”. So when or if I get a response from them I will post it.


xyz, I just bought the exact same laptop as you. I am running in to the exact same power discharging issues as you are when I start to run any kind of demanding program/game. I think the issue could quite simply be that the power brick can’t physically supply enough power to support the draw of all of the hardware. But we won’t know until ASUS tells us that, or someone buys a newer better power brick and we find out that works.