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Asus G50VT-X5 Upgrades: I did it! :D:D



So a while back I asked if upgrading this gaming laptop I have would be worth it. I had been looking at buying a P8700 for it as it has a higher clock and a potential boost clock I could unlock that I have read about (though I don't think I will do that).

The chip that was in the machine before was a P7450 and while newer than the 8700 it was slower and it took an eternity for the machine to even boot. The old chip was 2.13 GHZ where the new chip is 2.53 GHZ. I think the old chip was dying tbh as the system was not very responsive at times. Now its about as fast as my desktop it seems. It boots up almost instantaneously and the sysbench benchmarks pop out a very low time for its tests. Wher the old chip averaged at 5.35 ms AVG this new one is around 2.43 AVG.

Over all I am just excited and I wonder how many FPS more I will be able to get. I am almost willing to put windows on it just to see what happens.

And I almost forgot to mention how I got the chip.... for FREE. Versus paying 60 bucks for it. There is a nearby comp shop I work at some times and in payment I get to dig through scrap and take whatnot machines and parts. On the wall is lines of PCB's annd MOBO's that aren't worth fixing or are dead. I was just looking at the wall and spotted the chip. The guy there really didn't care if I took it or not because its just a display so I chipped off the old heat paste, applied new, put the "new" chip in, and oila.

If you have one of these machines I DEFINATELY recommend putting a P8700 or higher CPU in. It will save you a ridiculous amount of time.


Better to get the X9100 CPU, it is very cheap on Ebay now. You can overclock to 3.3GHZ easily at 1.3125V and 13x multiplier with Throttlestop. Upgrade the fan to the Forcecon DFS541305MH0T F8U5 fan, which has 17 fins versus the 13 fan blades your laptop probably came with.

SSD makes a huge difference too. Still use this laptop today, looking to upgrade eventually…


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