Asus eeepc 701 4g

anyone else still have one of these?, if so, what do you use it for if anything? looking for ideas. sick of trying to run linux on it, def gonna try android. even peppermint or puppy is kinda sluggish at an OC of 900mhz. that and dust it off, thats all the ideas i have

That CPU is essentially an enhanced Pentium III - no wonder why Linux feels sluggish. Anyway, I'd give Bodhi Linux (non-PAE) a try; it uses an Ubuntu LTS base, with an enlightenment desktop, so it's lean, stable, and should well with older hardware. Otherwise, recycle it.

I used to have one. Lubuntu worked quite well for me

I kept reading something about PAE support - after 12.04, Ubuntu (and by extension Lubuntu) requires PAE support, and I'm fairly certain the Celeron M 353 doesn't have it. That's the reason why I recommended Bodhi. Although I suppose Lubuntu 12.04 would work as well...

was more lookin for ideas like hacks, i mean i could have the whole thing installed in the sun visor of my truck, or somethin stupid but fun like that