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Asus Crosshair VII non-Wifi RAID 0 NVMe, after StoreMI


Hi all,

StoreMI seems to have made my HDD corrupt or something. Everything was fine u til I added a second NVMe and now my system won’t boot past the StoreMI splash screen.

So instead I figured I would setup RAID 0 on the NVMe drives like Wendel demonstrated on his video but I’m having some issues.

  1. There is no RAIDXpert2 in my BIOS and I can’t seem to find it online.

  2. I did find AMD-RAID drivers for X470 which I downloaded but I can’t seem to find when trying to boot from USB. Do I need to copy those to a specific location on the USB boot drive?

I did make sure I had the latest BIOS version already as well and also found an AMD Read-Me online that walks you through doing this without RAIDXpert2 but some of the labels are inconsistent which is probably due to different board partners.

Any help would be appreciated here as this is my work and game computer. All work files are stored on my NAS and synced on Evernote so having an NVMe fail in RAID isn’t of much concern right now. Just want to push the performance…