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Asus Crosshair VII Hero - is it safe yet?



Looking forward to the Black Friday sales when I plan to leave behind my (brilliant but ageing) i7-2600K and buy my first AMD motherboard. Particularly interested in the Asus Crosshair VII so that I can RAID 0 some M.2 NMVe. However, I’m getting too old to be fiddling with BIOS settings every 5 minutes and have promised myself that, “next time I’ll just get something that works”.

My question, now that they’re on to Version 1002, is the BIOS finally stable?


I don’t know about the Crosshair VII Hero, but AMDs BIOS has been rock solid for me for quite some time now. (The board on my main PC is the x370-prime pro.)

I don’t know about RAID though, I don’t use it. (except ZFS)


The fiddling is when first setting up your system depending on your configuration and hardware needs.

There are/were known issues with certain hardware monitoring software. Latest BIOS update changed subsystem info and reportedly required Windows to reinstall some device drivers. Some are impatiently waiting for an update to AGESA in the hopes for improved memory performance/compatibility.

I’m camped on BIOS 0702 and everything’s fine for me. I’m not using RAID though, so I can’t comment on that.


What was wrong with it before?