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Asus Crosshair vii Extreme X370

I am having issues updating my BIOS on the asus crosshair vii extreme. I have been trying to do it via EZFlash and have been having no luck. Every time I try to flash the BIOS it freezes and locks up and then I have to press the restart button. I have downloaded and renamed the BIOS as per the instructions. This has been the most frustrating thing about this board. I have been trying to fix my RAM issues with no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have issues updating the bios on my crosshair vi hero ac wifi x370. Usually I have to put the bios on a flash drive and use the bios usb port and bios update button to get it to update. a few times I had to use DOS to install a new bios.
this is a video guide i have used for the DOS method