Asus Crosshair v RAM support Questions


Im looking to buy some ram which is 1866mhz but im unsure if my motherboard supports it (i dont know how it works exactly) 


its listed that this motherboard supports ram @2400 MHz, 2000 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1600 MHz, 1333 MHz, 1066 MHz, 2133 MHz

1866 isnt there so im wondering how it works & if i can safely buy it?

example, does it support anything up to 2400 mhz? idk, i need help please :)

yeah it should support 1866mhz ram without any problem, you need to set them  to 1866mhz by hand anyway. and if you dont trust it, you could allways buy some 1600mhz or 2133mhz ram, if you like that doesnt matter much.. But normaly it should not be an issue.

Lower cache latency ram is more important then fast ram, for a gaming rig with dedicated GPU.

the problem is that in my area there only exists 1866 mhz of the ram type i want so there is no other options, so i guess ill just buy this.

- as far as i know they start as default on 1333 right? can i set them to example 1600 if 1866 doesnt work for whatever reason? or is the only other option 1866? 

1066 1333 1600 1866 2133 2400 2800 or so. you dont have to botter about it, just buy those 1866mhz ram sticks, its totaly fine, 1866mhz with CL9 is the sweet spot.

okay thanks a lot for helping :)