Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z TMPIN2 128C

Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my motherboard to a Asus Crosshair V formula z to run my new FX-8350 in hopes of hitting 5GHz, but I have ran into a few problems, first off when I bump my CPU voltage up anywhere above 1.375v it doesnt like to boot, I got it to boot and run a program for a couple min at 4.5GHZ @ 1.4v then it turned itself off and I had to clear the Cmos to get it to boot again without turning itself off after a couple seconds. Also when I open HWManager the TMPIN2 reads 128C constantly. Is there a issue with my board or is it some software issue?


EDIT: I also noticed there are black bars on the back of the motherboard to the right of the CPU backplate that get pretty toasty wile it is running but no where near the temp TMPIN2 is reading.

use this guide to make it reliable but i recommend using AIDA64 instead of super pi

don't know about your beat issues on the assembly 

Well my TMPIN2 is also constantly 128 degrees. i have no idea why.

But its probably a non existing (not connected) sensor.