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Asus Crosshair Hero 7 - Linux


Hi all,

I recently built a new system just for running Linux and eventually trying the kvm pass through. I picked up the Asus Crosshair Hero VII. I am starting to second guess that decision and debating on returning the board and getting something else. Maybe the asRock Tachi board, I want something that is headache free to setup.
I’m trying to find a way to monitor cpu temp’s and it seems the lm-sensors program doesn’t fully work right with this board, it can’t detect any sensors. I have seen a few threads on the forums where people have been discussing this.

So I have 2 questions really.

  1. Is there anyone that’s been able to get sensors working with this board or is there another option for tempature monitoring?

  2. If I do decided to return the board what would everyone suggest?

Here’s my current part list.




Thanks for the reply, do you have the link to github for that. I’m having trouble finding it.

I did find this on phoronix looks like they stopped developing it and ended support on Aug 1st, the github link in there is dead as well

I also found this but, it’s beyond my skills to figure out what to do with it.

I’m comfortable in linux and the cli, been supporting proprietary software running on rhel for years, but the nuts and bolts of how the os works and drivers isn’t anything I have done, we have admins for that :wink: , which is one of the reason I want to switch is to learn. If there’s a wiki or some directions I should be able to figure it out.


Yes, sadly the person who was maintaining it removed it. You’ll have to find a clone at your own risk…

The latest iteration had an implementation with dkms and instructions after git clone:

Building & Installing

  • make clean
  • make
  • sudo make install

Using DKMS

To install:

  • sudo make dkms

To remove:

  • sudo make dkms_clean


  • The module does not provide a real version number, so git describe --long
    is used to create one. This means that anything that changes the git state
    will change the version. make dkms_clean should be run before making a
    commit or an update with git pull as the Makefile is currently unable to
    track the last installed version to replace it. If this doesn’t happen, the
    old version will need to be manually removed from dkms, before installing
    the updated module.
    Something like dkms remove -m it87 -v <old version> --all, followed by
    rm -rf /usr/src/it87-<old version>, should do.
    dkms status it87 can be used to list the installed versions.


I am trying to install the it87 driver, but I keep getting and error when doing the make.

WARNING: Symbol version dump ./Module.symvers
is missing; modules will have no dependencies and modversions.

CC [M] /home/user/Downloads/it87/it87.o
In file included from ./include/linux/mmzone.h:19:0,
from ./include/linux/gfp.h:6,
from ./include/linux/umh.h:4,
from ./include/linux/kmod.h:22,
from ./include/linux/module.h:13,
from /home/user/Downloads/it87/it87.c:64:
./include/linux/page-flags-layout.h:6:10: fatal error: generated/bounds.h: No such file or directory
#include <generated/bounds.h>
compilation terminated.
scripts/ recipe for target ‘/home/user/Downloads/it87/it87.o’ failed
make[2]: *** [/home/user/Downloads/it87/it87.o] Error 1
Makefile:1517: recipe for target ‘module/home/user/Downloads/it87’ failed
make[1]: *** [module/home/user/Downloads/it87] Error 2
Makefile:71: recipe for target ‘modules’ failed
make: *** [modules] Error 2

Can’t figure out how to fix this, and since the original developer has stopped supporting it I am not sure what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?